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Helping Carlisle residents Troubleshoot Air Conditioning Problems

Not all HVAC repair jobs need the help of a professional team. Here are some ways to troubleshoot and decide when to call in the experts.

Handling your air conditioning problems in Carlisle PA

If the air conditioner refuses to come on, you may have a circuit breaker or fuse that has blown. Check that your thermostat has been set to ‘on’ and isn’t on ‘heat’ or ‘off’ mode. Keep in mind that this problem may also be caused by a compressor that is burnt-out and needs replacing by a professional.

Poor airflow may be a sign that the air filter on your AC needs replacing or cleaning. A puddle of water pooling near your system may be a result of the drainage tube being disconnected or clogged. Refrigerant that needs replacement or refrigerant lines that are not insulated may also need attention. Note: Handling refrigerant can be dangerous so this may be a task best suited for your air conditioning service. You can check the lines to check for insulation if you find the AC isn’t cooling as well as it used to.

For odd noises and rattling sounds when you turn on or start your unit, check all screws to see if something is loose and needs a simple tightening up or lubrication. If this doesn’t help your AC may need a brand new fan blade or motor.

When you should call in the professionals

Call in a professional HVAC repair company or air conditioning service like our team at in Carlisle PA for regular servicing to keep your systems in good working order. Air conditioning tune-ups will preempt a lot of the common issues like clogged ducts and filters.

A professional AC repair technician like we have on our team can also spot a problem before it flares up and helps you nip the issue in the bud. Often this saves you a lot more money than if you put off calling in an expert, fearing high charges, only to have the problem escalate into a bigger and more expensive issue to fix.

Call for air conditioning or HVAC repair in Carlisle PA

If your Air Conditioning problems are getting hard to handle, let our expert technicians come in and fix the issues for you. Call us to schedule a visit and get your HVAC system working properly.

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