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What Are the Cost Factors When Replacing My Boiler in Carlisle?

We all know that hot water is one of our most precious luxuries in Carlisle, PA. Should you find yourself in the unfortunate situation where you have little to no hot water on a cold Carlisle morning, Commercial Refrigeration is here to help. Our knowledgeable technicians will steer you in the right direction when making the important decision between boiler repair vs. boiler replacement. If your boiler is older than the typical life expectancy of 15 years and has already been repaired multiple times, a boiler replacement might be the way to go.

We recently received a call from someone who needed their boiler replaced in their 40-year-old Carlisle home and chose us to complete the job after they approved our estimate. After the job was completed, we received word that the customer appreciated how professional, knowledgeable, and clean the technicians were. They decided they would continue to use us to maintain the boiler.

Boiler Replacement Estimate

At Commercial Refrigeration, we pride ourselves on providing customers with an honest, accurate, and detailed estimate of the costs associated with a boiler replacement. Our estimates include the following:

  • New boiler cost based on type
  • Tank and soil testing
  • Tank replacement (if needed)
  • Oil tank replacement (if needed)
  • New lines, ducts, and wiring
  • Removal and disposal of old unit
  • Clean up
  • Permits

Boiler Types
It’s important to note that the bulk of the cost associated with a boiler replacement comes from the cost of the new boiler. Generally, boiler type and cost is determined by the size of the apartment or home. Combination boilers are typically found in studios and apartments. They receive water from water mains as opposed to storage tanks, and are thus the cheapest boiler type. System boilers store and heat water in a large cylinder before distributing it to taps. They are usually found in average-sized homes and are a bit more expensive than combination boilers. Standard boilers are the most expensive boiler type and are used for large homes and buildings. They heat water in the actual pipes which allows rapid distribution.

If You Need Boiler Replacement in Carlisle, Call Commercial Refrigeration Today

Once again, our experienced and knowledgeable technicians will provide you with the information needed to determine which boiler type best meets your needs and budget. With over 40 years of experience in Carlisle and the surrounding areas, Commercial Refrigeration knows what Carlisle, PA residents want and need in a water heating system, and will gladly be of service.

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