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How Regular HVAC Tune Up Can Prevent Costly Repairs in Carlisle PA

With almost everything in life, prevention is better than cure. Your AC unit, if properly looked after, should give you many years of great service. We had a customer recently who hadn’t quite maintained their system well enough and had noticed a drop off in HVAC efficency at their home in Carlisle. Our HVAC tune-up service is designed to get units like this back on track and as good as if they’d been regularly maintained. Many of the techniques we use in this process are the same as our maintenance programs but we prioritize the parts with the biggest issues.

Topping Off the Freon

One of the first things we did for our Carlisle HVAC tune-up was to check the Freon level. This is the cooling agent and if the levels are not correct it can render the unit very ineffective. This particular customer’s levels were low so we topped them off.

Changing the Air Filter

It’s really important that the air filter in your unit is clean and free of any dirt. At our HVAC tune-up in Carlisle we replaced the old, dirty filter with a new one to improve the flow of air through the system.

Calibrating the thermostat

Even if everything else in the system is working fine, an incorrectly calibrated thermostat can throw the whole system out of kilter. The AC unit will attempt to heat or cool the room until it reaches the right temperature. If it can’t accurately work out the correct temperature, your room is either going to be too hot or too cold. This was the last fix required at our Carlisle HVAC tune-up. Once we had completed all of these bits, the air conditioning unit was working like a dream and we had a very happy customer.

If the AC in your Carlisle PA home needs an hvac tune up or is inefficient please give us a call.

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