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Ice Cream Machine Repair Services in Harrisburg PA and Surrounding Areas

Ice cream is a universally liked dessert and most people prefer ice cream to other fancy desserts. With the help of commercial ice cream machines, it is easier to make, store and dispense ice cream. Commercial establishments make use of numerous ice cream machines like soft serve makers, frozen yogurt machines, flavor burst and syrup dispensers, and milkshake and smoothie makers.

Commercial Refrigeration in Harrisburg, Hersey and Camp Hill offers excellent services for ice cream machines such as:

  • Supply of of ice cream machines
  • Customization of ice cream machines
  • Repair and installation
  • Replacement of ice cream machines
  • Supply and installation of high-grade components
  • Regular maintenance services

This is just a small list of all the ice cream machine services that we provide. Get in touch with the technicians at Commercial Refrigeration if you need any ice cream machine related services.

Why are Ice Cream Machine Repair Services Needed in Harrisburg PA?

Local food joints, restaurants, cafés, and fast food restaurants depend on ice cream machines to provide fresh and delicious ice creams for their customers. It will be next to impossible for the establishments to meet their daily demand for ice cream using traditional methods. Ice cream machines make it much easier to produce, store, and dispense ice cream. Ice cream machine services are essential because like all food related equipment, ice cream machines need to be energy efficient, sturdy, and hygienic.

What are Common Issues With Ice Cream Machines That Require Repairs or Replacements?

Commercial Refrigeration has been in the business for a long time and we have resolved several types of ice cream machine issues.

Here is a list of common ice cream machine issues that we deal with:

  • Ice cream freezing problems
  • Nonuniform temperature
  • Excessive cooling causing ice cream to harden
  • Broken thermostats
  • Leaks in the machine
  • Hygiene problems

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