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Ice Machine Repair Services in Harrisburg PA and Surrounding Areas

Ice machines are not only used in homes, but are also utilized in commercial establishments, especially in the food industry. Almost every restaurant, cafe, and diner in the country needs ice machines to prepare ice promptly and without effort. However, there are many types of ice machines, each of which has a different level of complexity. This is why you should leave all ice machine related issues in the hands of the experts at Commercial Refrigeration in Harrisburg, Hersey, Camp Hill, and surrounding areas.

Here is a list of ice machine services provided by Commercial Refrigeration:

    vInstallation of any type of ice machine including cubed, nugget, and flaked ice makers, ice dispensers, and filtration products.
  • Repair and replacement of any kind of ice machine unit
  • Maintenance services
  • Supply of customized ice machines
  • Supply and repair of ice machine components

Why are Ice Machine Repair Services Required in Harrisburg PA?

Imagine that a local fast food restaurent did not have an ice machine! Most people would not patronize such an establishment, because an ice machine is now seen as a basic commodity in any business in the food industry. Ice machines make it easier for restaurants, bars, and cafés to produce cubed or flaked ice that can be used instantly to cool drinks and food. Once you purchase an ice machine, you need ice machine services to maintain the systems and prevent breakdowns. With regular ice machine maintenance services, you can ensure that the system is efficient and clean.

What are Common Issues With Ice Machines That Require Repairs or Replacements?

Commercial Refrigeration has been providing services in the industry for years and we have fixed almost every type of issue with ice machines.

Some of the most common issues faced by ice machine owners are:

  • Insufficient cooling
  • Ice cubes or flakes not being produced
  • Ice machine not turning on
  • Clogs in the ice machine
  • Hygiene problems
  • Leaks in the ice machine
  • Power supply problems

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