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Harrisburg PA Emergency HVAC Repair

residential air conditioner repairsMaintenance of HVAC systems is essential to keep the heating and air conditioning efficency in top condition. But even then the need for emergency HVAC repairs can arise any hour of the day. Therefore access to a reliable company that can fix heating and air conditioning systems whenever required is very important. Thankfully, residents of Harrisburg, PA can call CRH Heating & Air for any kind of HVAC repairs and other services.

Emergency HVAC repair around Hassiburg PA

We deal with heating repairs and other HVAC emergency services and are well suited to solve the problem quickly. If these emergencies are not handled in time, these could lead to business losses and lots of inconvenience for residents. For instance, one August, we received a call from a popular restaurant in Harrisburg to repair their HVAC system during a late afternoon on a Saturday. If the HVAC repairs were not done in time, the restaurant could end up losing a lot of business on their busiest night of the week. But our technicians were able to repair the restaurant’s HVAC system right on time for their dinner service.

We also undertook emergency heating repairs for an elderly couple in the middle of a cold winter month. It was a busy day in town for HVAC repairs and many residents had to wait their turn for the technicians to arrive to sort the heating problems. Our technicians worked overtime to cater to the needs of the elderly couple and undertook the HVAC repairs that very night and didn’t make them wait for the next morning. This is what emergency HVAC repairs entail – quick and quality service while being affordable at the same time.

Emergency HVAC repairs by CRH Heating & Air

CRH Heating & Air (Commercial Refrigeration of Harrisburg Inc) has been serving Harrisburg and surrounding areas for the past 40 years. Our USP for these past years to date has been to provide quality and prompt service commercial and residential HVAC maintenance and repairs. Our technicians are trained to handle all HVAC repair and installation work in a professional way. Call us now for prompt and excellent HVAC repair, maintenance and installation services for Harrisburg and rest of central Pennsylvania area.

Call at 717-564-2034 for all cooling repairs, installations, and maintenance.

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