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Top furnace manufacturers for Harrisburg & Surrounding areas

Elizabethtown Furnace Installation and RepairWhen it comes to furnace buying, it is preferable to purchase one from a top manufacturer. There are a number of benefits, one of them is the long warranty that comes with the product. This warranty will come in handy if any defect comes to light with the furnace. Although the furnace warranty can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer each of the top quality furnace brands provide a warranty on their parts and stands behind their products. Furnace repair also becomes easy due to adequate spare parts being available.

The following furnace manufacturers are considered to be well rated by industry experts:

  • Carrier Limited
  • Bryant
  • Lennox
  • Luxaire
  • Coleman
  • Fraser-Johnston
  • Maytag
  • Trane
  • American Standard
  • Continental

If you are confused which furnace to buy, call Commercial Refrigeration of Harrisburg to make an ideal choice.

Selecting the furnace ideal for you

For over 40 years we've been helping families stay cozy during cold weather months by installing the furnace just perfect for their Camp Hill, Carlisle and Harrisburg home. Commercial Refrigeration of Harrisburg will offer the best solution, taking into account all the relevant factors needed for furnace installation and replacement.

An HVAC rule of thumb is you should desist from further furnace repair when the refurbishing expense surpass 30 percent value of the cooling or heating system. When you do a furnace replacement, the new one saves a lot more energy and starts paying you back from day one. You also avoid doing future costly repairs after a few years. Of course their are numerous other factors to consider such as additional time you will spend owning the home, budget, household needs, etc.

The selection of furnaces also depends on the fuel the unit runs on. The common options are natural gas, oil, electricity and propane. The decision of making such a purchase depends on the area you live in. To give an example, if you live in the city buying a natural gas furnace is typically very convenient.

Replacing the furnace

You may want to give more serious thought to replacing your furnace if its age has crossed 12 years and has not been maintained properly. If it is in excellent condition, there is no reason to substitute the older furnace with a new one if you are satisfied with its energy efficiency. To get maximum value and longevity the furnace must be regularly maintained to keep it working for an extended period of time.

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