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Harrisburg PA AC Tune Ups and Maintenance Service

Air conditioners that do not function at optimal efficiency lead to people feeling uncomfortable during the hotter summer months. Air conditioning units are complicated pieces of machinery that integrate numerous components. As such, these air conditioning units require frequent maintenance in order to be energy efficient and safe for use at home. There are a number of ways in which air conditioners can malfunction and it is up to you to find a professional service capable of handling any kind of air conditioning maintenance.
The staff at Commercial Refrigeration has experience in the industry to undertake any kind of air conditioning maintenance or tune up. We can also assist individuals in setting up maintenance schedules for their AC units in Harrisburg and surrounding areas.

Harrisburg AC Maintenance Tune UpHaving Your Air Conditioning Properly Maintained Prevents Common Problems

One of the most common problems that will develop in a poorly maintained air conditioning unit is a clogged filter. Filters assist in preventing dust and dirt particles to circulate through your home. Over time, they will become clogged, thereby obstructing airflow.
Another commonly found problem is that of clogged or dirty condensate drains. A condensate drain in an AC unit helps control the amount of moisture content in the air. When these become clogged, the AC unit will no longer be able to regulate humidity effectively in your home.
Air conditioner coils will also need to be cleaned frequently in order to ensure that your air conditioner is running at optimal efficiency. These coils heat up when they receive electricity but dirt that gathers on them acts as insulation. An air conditioner coil with dirt collected on it will result in increased energy bills.

Professional AC Tune Ups in Harrisburg PA

Air conditioning units require maintenance and tune ups to run at maximum capacity, numerous technological advancements in the industry have made it that air conditioning maintenance typically should be done on a semi-annual basis. However, the rate at which you use your air conditioner will also play an important role. If your air conditioning system is on most of the time, there is likelihood that components will begin to deteriorate quicker, in these cases more frequent air conditioning tune ups and maintenance are required.

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