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Harrisburg PA AC troubleshooting & repair: Fix a Faulty Fan

Here at Commercial Refrigeration of Harrisburg, whenever a customer calls us about an issue with their AC unit's fan, the first thing we do is try to diagnose exactly where the problem is. We went through this exact process a couple of weeks ago with a new customer in Harrisburg. AC repairs are not necessarily complicated but they do require the ability to work through the list of potential issues systematically until you deduce where the problem is. This is exactly what we did during the AC repairs in Harrisburg and here are the steps in our process.

Check the Motor

The first step is to check whether there is an issue with the motor. We shut off the power to the air conditioner and attempted to spin the fan around by hand. If the fan does not spin around freely, we know it’s an issue with the motor and would move directly to replacing it.

Run Capacitor

If the fan blade spins freely then the next check is to see if the motor is hot. If it is, we would go through a procedure of testing the run capacitor. This is a small device that stores an electrical charge to power the fan motor.

Fan Replacement Tips

We went through all of these steps with our customer in Harrisburg. AC repairs of this nature will often result in the need to replace the fan. Once you have the right part, you can begin the process of replacing it. One tip is to write down or photograph which motor wires are connected to which terminals before you unscrew the previous part. This way, you can be sure you match it up correctly when you insert the new part. This kind of thinking ahead is the key to great AC repairs. Our Harrisburg fan replacement went smoothly and after topping up the Freon, everything was working like new.

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